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This is interesting, but I found the following paragraph to be particularly hilarious. Please don’t make redundant comments about my peculiar sense of humour. You either find it funny or you don’t. I found the link to it on the XKCD Blag. FWIW, I also recently received these XKCD t-shirts (“Useless”, “Science”, and “Sudo”, of which “Science” is my favourite)

As you can imagine, K is big, and by the time you’ve read the w in the next word, it will already by unimaginably bigger. As a matter of fact, by tomorrow, it will have squared, and squaring is a very powerful function. I’m going to carry on writing right now just to give you an idea of how huge and vast it really is, but I don’t think I can describe it. Try looking at it for a few minutes and understanding what all those 0’s mean. They don’t just mean ‘nothing’ – they make the number 10 times bigger with each one you add. Am I getting this across? This number is big, Big, BIG. It’s bigger than the number of elementary particles in the universe. It’s bigger than a googol (and will soon be bigger than a googolplex). It’s bigger than the odds of rolling a bucket of dice and them all landing on 6, then picking a million aces from packs of cards, and then flipping every single coin in the world, and them all landing on heads.

It’s big, OK?


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January 11, 2007 at 12:08 am

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  1. It’s big ok?

    My Fav line:

    …you’re not allowed to use a previously defined number, unless you defined it. And you didn’t. So you can’t.


    March 8, 2007 at 10:35 pm

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