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Microsoft vs. Linux vs. X (Mac)

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I buy a laptop. It comes with XP Home. I delete it and install XP Pro. Why? Because I own it. I don’t want “Home” when I can have “Pro”. I don’t really even know what the differences are. I also have “infrastructure” at home. I don’t just run a laptop. I run a server. And not just one server, but three. And not just three, but more than three. Because one does virtualization, on which I run a Domain Controller, Exchange Server, Firewall, FTP server, and a myriad of other servers.

What the hell do I have all of this shit for?

Because that’s what I do. It helps me keep up with my industry. I play around with the things I need to know about. It consumes a hell of alot of power, and creates needless complexity. But it works and its cool and it’s what I do and need to know.

So, Vista is coming out soon. And I say, “I’ll have to upgrade at some point”. You see, it’s not a support issue, and it’s not a “keeping up with the Jones’s” issue. The simple fact of life is that as Operating Systems expire, so do the applications and drivers that go with them. If I want a new application 5 years from now, chances are it will NOT run on XP. If I buy a new laptop 5 years from now, chances are they will NOT make drivers for XP. So upgrading is kindof a requirement, you know?

The cost though. Man, Windows is expensive. EXPENSIVE. Sure, you get 5 years or so of useable life from that investment, which makes the cost more bearable. But Linux is right there, and it’s free. FREE. And so is OS X if you buy a Macintosh, which in itself represents a slightly larger capital investment. But it’s basically a free OS.

So maybe it’s not the cost of the OS, but the cost of the Apps that is the issue. MS Office is expensive. EXPENSIVE. And even to a larger degree than Windows. Office is a fuckin’ expensive app, there’s no discussion required. Yes, it happens to include a LOT of apps, and kicks a great deal of ass too. But you know the free stuff is competitive. You can get by.

I’ve ditched the commercial security apps and I’ve never been happier. My computer runs so much faster now. Honestly, how come a free AV product works leaner than a commercial one? How come you still have to pay yearly for virus updates huh? Milkin’ us for all we’re worth. No thanks.

So on Linux your principle choices are free apps. Sure, there are commercial apps available, but then why did you get Linux? Oh right, you are using it because it’s “free” as in “open” or “freedom”, not as in “costs nothing”. Well I’m using it because it costs nothing. And I want my apps that way too. The computer was expensive enough, thank you.

I got an idea, how about they start giving away computers and charging for software. Then I could at least get Linux to work the way I want without having to put any effort into it. Microsoft can do it. Apple can do it. Why can’t Linux? There’s always some fucking learning curve with a new Linux release or distro and “hey, this isn’t working”, and “wtf?”, and always, ALWAYS, the sound DOESN’T FUCKING WORK out of the box. Honestly. What the FUCK is that about?

So Linux is free, but it’s a pain in the ass. And maybe that’s why it’s free? No, because Windows costs an arm and a leg (initially), and it’s just as much of a pain in the ass, only in different ways. And Mac? Mac eh? Is OS X a pain in the ass? I’ve read reports that it can be. Especially lately (since the move to Intel).

Look, here’s what I want:

  1. I want hardware to work. Modem (not that I ever use it, but hey), SOUND FUCKING CARD, network, WIRELESS network, BLUETOOTH, CD/DVD reading/burning/watching/playing, USB, USB drives & stuff, and for the love of Pete, ACPI.
  2. I want the apps included to use those devices. CD burning. DVD watching. MP3 playing. Wireless management. Modem dialling. PPPoE doodad. And you know what would be nice? How about a Firewall and AntiVirus?
  3. I want good free apps. I’m not talking about “MS Wordpad” and “Kedit”. I mean Microsoft frickin’ Office. You want to know some really good free apps? Here are some: 7-zip, VMware Player and Server, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera

You know, I’m about done. I don’t think I’ve answered my question. I don’t think I had a question. I’m just annoyed. I want to switch to Linux, but I’m annoyed by it. With Linux, SOMETHING doesn’t work. And you have to fuck around with it for days to figure it out. Yet once it’s working, that baby is YOURS. Windows and Mac are the same as everybody else’s Windows and Mac.

Is independence worth the effort?


Written by worlok2112

October 9, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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